Wejobshare.ch – Branded Solutions

Our Branded Solution is an opportunity for companies and associations to show their support for job sharing. Joining gives employees / members the opportunity to find a job sharing partner within their affiliation and / or from We Jobshare platform. Also, if company is interested in building its image, each employee profile can be branded with company logo.

Additionally, the company or association has a dedicated website space to present their company overview. Companies can also post jobs and announce events on our platform.


  • Company overview presentation page
  • Branded user profiles with company logo (if desired)
  • Possibility to publish job offers
  • Opportunity to share key events
  • Visibility on We Jobshare’s social networking profiles

Number of employees or members (required)
Less than 100 employees or members101 to 500 employees or members501 to 2'000 employees or members2'001 to 5000 employees or members5'001 to 10'000 employees or membersMore than 10'000 employees or members

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